Rowing Club works entire season

Admission of new members all year round
When the weather is bad and during the winter we have “dry training” – rowing in rowing hail – pool with rowing equipment and on the rowing ergometer-gyms. 063 202 758



  • Training three times a week. Terms depend on the group.
  • Training consists of rowing, work out at the gym and aerobic work.
  • Duration of training 90 to 120 minutes throughout the year, under all weather conditions.

I group

  • course: Wednesday start at 11 and 15 / leasure: Wednesday start at 17
  • course: Wekdays start at 11 and 13 / leasure: Wekdays start at 15

II group

  • course: Monday and Thursday start at 11 and 15
  • course: Saturday start at 17

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Zvezda City Oaza

The uniqueness of Zvezda City Oasis shows in its location in nature, along the river, which creates ideal conditions for relaxing, recreation, training and enjoyment.