Early spring in warm pool, sauna and tapidarium

POOL Equipped with the most modern water circulation and refining system, so you can swim notwithstanding the dimensions of the pool. The pool has pumps for hydromassage which will make you feel the salutary effect of the water and gentle massage. It is almost impossible to find better thing to relax after a hard day or training. Who never felt it, has something to long for.


Finnish and Russion sauna will offer you pleasure and cleaning out. The high temperature and humidity cause intensive sweating thus stimulating muscles and organs on more activity. That way the warmth goes to the inside of the body by means of blood vessels and lymph streams. Sweating is the result of higher inner body temperature. The accelerated circulation causes degradation of harmful substances (fat, toxic substances, cellulite etc.) and their throw out through the skin.


Tepidarium is the place where you will spend the most beautiful moments with your friends. The invention from Roman epoch represents anatomic stone easy chairs which get warmed up and have the specific relaxing effect on the body.

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Zvezda City Oaza

The uniqueness of Zvezda City Oasis shows in its location in nature, along the river, which creates ideal conditions for relaxing, recreation, training and enjoyment.