Recreational rowing

Rowing is a sport which not many clubs can be proud of. You have the possibility to practice rowing in the athentic rowing club which originated many of the world class rowers. You may row in single sculls, pairs, fours or eights on Danube and Sava rivers, supervised by the professional trainer. The river, the sun and the light breeze will treat you with an exclusive experience and exceptional aerobic training which will make you engage allmost every group of muscles. Don’t miss the privilege, so far available only to the rare world clubs, to enjoy the traditional rowing battle between Oxford and Cambridge.

Admission of new members all year round

  • Age 11-15 years – every Saturday and Sunday at 10.45,
  • For high school and university students – every Saturday and Sunday at 12.45h,
  • For adults (no upper limit) – every Saturday and Sunday at 12.45h.

Contact: Vladan Milosavljevic, head coach school rowing +381 63 269 410