Team building



Every company in today’s stressful business world wants to keep and cherish its most valuable resources. The employees for sure are the priority. Forming strong teams, which will show their full strength in business “games” should represent one of the main goals of a modern company. The realization of such goals will provide the necessary competitive advantage in the modern business.
You can organize such an event in the unique surroundings on only 4 km away from the city center, which will give you the sense of relaxation and good mood. There are contents in Zvezda City Oasis which can satisfy the most various demands regarding the organization of events of this kind.

As for the sports activities, the users have at their disposal:

  • covered football ground,
  • sand volleyball field,
  • table tennis, badminton
  • and tennis courts.

The uniqueness of our offer represents rowing, which is an ideal sport for creation and strengthening of the team. With organizing a galley race you can animate your employees who will, besides learning the basics of this interesting sport, strengthen their team spirit and belonging to their business team.

Beside above sports activities, you may choose to use other contents such as cruising boat, fitness & wellness center, all spiced with tasty food from our restaurant Playa.

Contact phone for events: +381 11 3554 652 and +381 63 202 758