The health is one of the greatest values. The health should be considered in a wider sense, not only as the absence of illness. It has social, psychological and physical dimension. The health represents the ability to meet different challenges of everyday life in an adequate manner and it is the main condition for the realization of full life potentials.

Hypokinesis (insufficient motion), obesity and psychological stress are three factors which together represent the main reason of illness and death. More than 80% of the population is physically insufficiently active, 50% of adults are overweight and almost 70% of school children have problems with a correct hold of the spinal column.

One of the main tasks of physical exercises is positive influence it has on the human’s health. The necessity of exercising is getting more and more certain. Different physical activities develop different abilities and have a different influence on health, physical ability, and physical appearance.

Having understood exercises as a must in the evolution of a modern man, the union of sciences (medicine, sport, psychology, techniques) has led to the expansion of recreative training and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, today we have a great palette of activities engaged in the improvement of the psychological and physical condition. A large number of different disciplines covers all age groups and functionally able categories. The wide range of training equipment satisfies all needs and makes the training more pleasant and not excessively hard.

The healthy and balanced nutrition unfairly pushed out by fast food in the latest years, have to take the priority and become the part of everyday life. It is wrong to think that various supplements can annul bad consequences of poor nutrition. Only with consciousness and discipline, one can put an end to bad habits. By consuming original, not processed food, without chemical additions and in the regular interval, the body becomes light and full of enthusiasm which is the best prevention from diseases. That’s the secret of a long life.

Wellness represents the union of health and physical exercises. The best definition of wellness was created by Nerio Alessandri, the creator of the idea itself:

When we achieve the condition in which we can do whatever we want, without a special effort, when we are able to control stress, when the food, instead of an everyday obsession, becomes an object of enjoyment, and physical activity and exercising become the unbreakable part of life, then we can say we have reached wellness.

With aim to improve the life style of a modern man, wellness promotes regular exercising, positive attitude and positive approach to the life itself. Such positive physiological effect enable people reach the ideal mental and physical balance, necessary for conducting working and social activities.

  • dscf6539_thumbCardio zone is equipped with devices of Life Fitness, Vision and Concept producers. There are treadmills, bicycles (recline, spin, bike etc.), rowing ergometers and crosstrainers. All devices are equipped with pulse sensors, physical capability testers and all other parameters necessary for correct and controled exercising. The gym has video monitors which will make your exercising more exciting. Exercising in this zone has an extraordinary influence on human health, especially on improvement of the cardio system (lowers blood pressure, lowers bad LDL cholesterol, increases the strength of the heart muscle, decreases the risk of arterosclerosis etc.) and respiratory functions (greater vital capacity, more blood flow into the lungs etc.) as well as on the complete musculature of the body (increases the muscle tonus, improves the resistance to the muscle fatigue and the blood circulation, the general appearance etc.). It is unavoidable in the process of body mass reduction and reduction of subcutaneous fat.
  • img_5170_thumbGym is equipped with renowned producer's equipment Panatta of Fit Evo and X-Pression line. The wide range of devices enables the treatment of each of the muscle groups separately. Anatomic seats offer comfortable, safe and efficient exercising. Each movement is easy and mechanically correct. These devices, of an exquisite design, will offer pleasant training and will break the taboo that gym is visited only by the strong ones.
  • If you wish to track your progress we can do functional test and motor skills as well as basic anthropocentric measurements before the start of the activities and repeat it every month.
sala-za-vezbanje3_thumbContains equipment for conducting various fitness programs (swiss balls, steppers, dumbbells, carpets, sacks and other). The pleasant surroundings and top trainers will be at your disposal and will offer many recreative forms: pilates, step aerobic, fit ball etc.
klub-06Rowing is a sport which not many clubs can be proud of. You have the possibility to practice rowing in the athentic rowing club which originated many of the world class rowers. You may row in single sculls, pairs, fours or eights on Danube and Sava rivers, supervised by the professional trainer. The river, the sun and the light breeze will treat you with an exclusive experience and exceptional aerobic training which will make you engage allmost every group of muscles. Don't miss the privilege, so far available only to the rare world clubs, to enjoy the traditional rowing battle between Oxford and Cambridge.
dscf7167_thumbEquipped with the most modern water circulation and refining system, so you can swim notwithstanding the dimensions of the pool. The pool has pumps for hydromassage which will make you feel the salutary effect of the water and gentle massage. It is almost impossible to find better thing to relax after a hard day or training. Who never felt it, has something to long for.
  • dimensions 6 * 8m, depth 180cm
  • floor heating
  • 2 dressing rooms: one male and one female
  • airflow system that allows no moisture in the air and chlorine
  • type of water: salt water
  • water temperature 28-30 degrees
  • water testing is done every 2h
  • hydromassage
  • automatic filtration of water in the pool
Additional relaxation and body detox can be achieved by using a Finnish sauna and Infrared sauna. img_1172_thumbFinnish sauna is decreased muscle tone, tension and muscle pain are reduced. Especially beneficial after sports, aeorobik, swimming, etc. The use of oxygen increases and breathing becomes rapid. After leaving the sauna you start to breathe differently. The most important impact of the sauna is on the skin. Blood flow increases due to increase of temperature. On the skin surface temperature may be 41-42 degrees. Expand blood vessels, skin become soft and gently. Thanks to visit the sauna reduces body weight. banjica9-600x533Infrared sauna unlike a traditional sauna, infrared saunas don’t heat the air around you. Instead, they use infrared lamps (that use electromagnetic radiation) to warm your body directly. It is especially suitable for those who cannot tolerate high temperatures and cannot use traditional Finnish saunas. The infrared sauna is used for about 30 minutes and then the body cools slowly. It is intended for people who want to boost the immune system, for people who have problems with the spine, bones, kidneys, muscles. Its primary effect is detoxification of the body.
A steam bath is a treatment indoors with hot steam that promotes sweating and releases toxins from the body. It works most effectively at temperatures between 43ºC and 46ºC; and humidity above 100%. Proper enjoyment lasts between 10 and 20 minutes, followed by a shower of lukewarm to cold water to stimulate the body. The benefits of a steam bath are skin-friendly, it is clean, it opens pores. Helps with sleep disorders, excessive fatigue, tense and weakened muscles, reduces stress. It improves the overall mental and physical state of the organism.
_mg_5513_thumbTepidarium is the place where you will spend the most beautiful moments with your friends. The invention from Roman epoch represents anatomic stone easy chairs which get warmed up on 37-39 ºC and have the specific relaxing effect on the body. It is recommended for stress relief and regeneration of the body.
outdoorOpen Air is the process conducted outside of the club's rooms. In the arranged natural surroundings of the club, in Ada Ciganlija, we organize part of complete aerobic trainings contained by fast walking, running and corrective exercises adapted for a specific age and physical condition of those who trains. The nature, clean air and greenery will put you in the good mood and will make you smile and relax.

The offer of fitness and wellness center Zvezda City Oasis includes annual, six-month, monthly membership and daily membership cards.

working days: 08am – 10.00pm
weekends: 8am – 10.00pm
idle days: 1st and 7th of January and Easter
ELEGANCE membership card encompass following:
  1. use of training zone and demonstration of basic programs by trainers. First training free of charge.
  2. Use of Spa zone (pool, Finnish sauna, steam bath, tepidarium, hydromassage etc)
  3. use of the room for special programs (when there are no group programs)
  4. group classes (pilates and other programs)
  5. free car entrance to Ada Ciganlija
  6. free parking
  7. two fifteen days stand-by statuses (for annual membership)
It is possible to use other contents as well (payable according to the club's pricelist):
  1. massage
  2. personal training lessons
  3. fit caffe
  4. other contents – cruising boat, tennis courts, covered sports field, restaurant
SPORT membership card encompass all stated contents of the ELEGANCE membership card, except for the Spa zone. SPA membership card encompass all stated contents of the ELEGANCE membership card except for the training zone and room for special programs. This card excludes the possibility of participating in group programs aswell. It is possible to apply for the company membership (payable according to the club's pricelist)
This membership encompass five annual ELEGANCE cards of which three are bound to the user's name and two are blanco, ie. could be used by any employee or business partner and everyone authorized by the company (owner of the card). Each card may be used only once a day!
+381 11 3554 652 (08:00 - 16:00)
+381 63 202 758

Notes: To the persons under the age of 16, the entrance in the Spa zone is forbidden, unless accompanied by the personal trainer.