The health is one of the greatest values. The health should be considered in a wider sense, not only as the absence of illness. It has social, psychological and physical dimension. The health represents the ability to meet different challenges of everyday life in an adequate manner and it is the main condition for the realization of full life potentials.

Hypokinesis (insufficient motion), obesity and psychological stress are three factors which together represent the main reason of illness and death. More than 80% of the population is physically insufficiently active, 50% of adults are overweight and almost 70% of school children have problems with a correct hold of the spinal column.

One of the main tasks of physical exercises is positive influence it has on the human’s health. The necessity of exercising is getting more and more certain. Different physical activities develop different abilities and have a different influence on health, physical ability, and physical appearance.

Having understood exercises as a must in the evolution of a modern man, the union of sciences (medicine, sport, psychology, techniques) has led to the expansion of recreative training and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, today we have a great palette of activities engaged in the improvement of the psychological and physical condition. A large number of different disciplines covers all age groups and functionally able categories. The wide range of training equipment satisfies all needs and makes the training more pleasant and not excessively hard.

The healthy and balanced nutrition unfairly pushed out by fast food in the latest years, have to take the priority and become the part of everyday life. It is wrong to think that various supplements can annul bad consequences of poor nutrition. Only with consciousness and discipline, one can put an end to bad habits. By consuming original, not processed food, without chemical additions and in the regular interval, the body becomes light and full of enthusiasm which is the best prevention from diseases. That’s the secret of a long life.

Wellness represents the union of health and physical exercises. The best definition of wellness was created by Nerio Alessandri, the creator of the idea itself:

When we achieve the condition in which we can do whatever we want, without a special effort, when we are able to control stress, when the food, instead of an everyday obsession, becomes an object of enjoyment, and physical activity and exercising become the unbreakable part of life, then we can say we have reached wellness.

With aim to improve the life style of a modern man, wellness promotes regular exercising, positive attitude and positive approach to the life itself. Such positive physiological effect enable people reach the ideal mental and physical balance, necessary for conducting working and social activities.

The offer of fitness and wellness center Zvezda City Oasis includes annual, six-month, monthly membership and daily membership cards.

Notes: To the persons under the age of 16, the entrance in the Spa zone is forbidden, unless accompanied by the personal trainer.