Let’s open 2019 volleyball season!

Terms from 09.00 to 22.00 * Late night beach volleyball! * Special price for Jun, 800RSD/h
064 824 3421

In front of the covered football ground, there is a sand volleyball field which attracts a great number of sports and nature lovers.

We organize various sand volleyball tournaments on our fields. Outdoor sand volleyball ground has been recently renovated and illuminated which enables playing the volleyball in late evening hours as well.

The summer garden is located in the covered part and represents the place where visitors can watch at both grounds from and enjoy different sports competitions.

The covered hall and volleyball ground are an ideal place for organizing private parties, sports days for companies and its employees, with appropriate meal and competitions in various disciplines.

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Zvezda City Oaza

The uniqueness of Zvezda City Oasis shows in its location in nature, along the river, which creates ideal conditions for relaxing, recreation, training and enjoyment.